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Anti-Bullying Alliance

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is a team of teachers who are members of the school learning and support team.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is a central point of communication for all cases of bullying and/or harassment.

The following can report bullying:

  • Students being bullied
  • Bystanders or observers of bullying
  • Parents/carers
  • Executive, Teachers and Support Staff can refer students.

All cases have a Bullying and Harassment Report form created which is used to track the case and collect data.

We also engage in whole school and group education around the nature of bullying and what we can do both individually and as a community to minimise harm. It is a positive and proactive approach that links into our Positive Behaviour for Learning and Wellbeing Team initiatives. On this page is attached our current Anti-Bullying Plan which is updated each year.

We use a range of resources for education, information and support. In addition to the Learning and Support Team we use the following websites:

We treat all cases of bullying, whether it is occurring online or in person, using the Method of Shared Concern. This evidence-based method is non-punitive and encourages students to become more empathetic. We may also use restorative strategies for cases that do not respond to the method of Shared Concern. The aim of these approaches is to build interpersonal connections and belonging to the greater school community.

We have an open door policy for all inquiries regarding bullying. We encourage everyone to take a stand, lend a hand.